Coffee Education – More Than Seed to Cup

The coffee business does more than wake up the masses every morning. As the world's most traded food commodity, coffee has wide-ranging impacts on culture, politics, and the environment. Coffee Ed's coffee education courses shed new light on the coffee business. Our curriculum broadens the scope of the typical seed-to-cup cycle to encompass areas often overlooked by coffee consultants. At our cutting-edge laboratory in Burlington, Vermont, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the important role coffee plays as a plant, a product, and a livelihood. At a Coffee Ed course, you won’t just learn about coffee; you’ll experience it.

About Coffee Ed

The Coffee Enterprises and Coffee Analysts professional coffee team designs executive classes and training for coffee businesses in order to enhance coffee products and services, improve overall production quality, and understand the complexity of coffee supply chains to increase the strength of your coffee business. Since no two businesses are alike, we custom develop educational programs to meet your individual needs.

Coffee Laboratory

In addition to our world-renowned professional educators, Coffee Analysts has some of the most technically advanced sensory and analytical coffee equipment in the global coffee industry, giving Coffee Ed a unique ability to delve into all aspects of coffee—from business best-practices to flavor profiles. With their specialized expertise, the coffee educational consultants at Coffee Ed will help you get the most out of your coffee, your production facility, your sourcing and your coffee business.

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Coffee Ed provides educational services in the field of coffee product education, quality control practices, supply chain operations and understating physical and financial risk for coffee and coffee-based products. Please contact us to schedule your customized coffee education classes or with any questions: 1-802-865-4480, or for our international customers, 1-800-375-3398.